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Developing differentiation strategy

Second hand branded goods shop

They were distressed in a highly competitive market. They felt a strong necessity of differentiation strategy.
Then, we Bricks & UK tax corporation planned a strategy based on Market Research together.

Followings are part of our actual steps

Surveying a market and dividing a broad target market into subsets

After repetition of hypothesis verification, choosing target market.

Developing a product and brand image toward target customers.

Based on these, we break down strategies into specific actions regarding products, price, logistics and advertisement.
As a result, positioning change fitted customer needs and helped drastically improvement of performance.

Restructuring business model

Small and medium-sized snack wholesaler

They were struggling with the decline of sales, and looking for the recovering way like restructuring business model.
That's why they carried out SWOT analysis and considered their right positioning.

Capability to purchase a large number and variety of candies at once.

Heavy pressure to the discount from retailer

Needs for localized service.

Convenience stores and super-markets.

As a result, they decided to transform their store more localized with their own warehouse.
Combination packages of snacks became a huge sales success. Until now, local children loved it.

Stepping into new business area

Company which runs restaurant business

They had run only restaurant business all along. However, they planed to step into a new area, so they need an advisory from the beginning.

We propose, with limited resources about people, products, finance and information, realistic and effective business plan.

A plan to recruit temporary staff

Expected property with all its furnishing

Not enough own fund

Capability to catch a trend

Considering both these limiting conditions and clients’request, we decided to start low price lunch box store.
We supported to make business plan and get a loan before opening and after that, provided statistical data of restraint business.
As it is now, The profit of their new business exceeds their original business, and expands their business to multi-store operation and franchising.

Tax Saving

For both long-term and short-term tax saving plan, it is important to understand tax system deeply and control risk properly.


One of the board member planed to leave the company in 5 years, however provision for his retirement shall not be recorded as expenses.

We have a strong partnership with insurance company which is very useful for tax saving.

We do propose insurance product not for our profit but clients' profit. Of course, we share this philosophy with our partner insurance company.

In this case, we proposed product which could be expense and reserve the fund for retirement. Finally, it was win-win both company and director who planned to retire.


Rapidly growing company made a huge deal this year, which caused a large amount of tax payment

So, we proposed operating lease contract of an anonymous association which is difficult for small tax corporation to treat.

After deeply discussion about foreign exchange risk , they decided to lease an airplane for tax saving.

As a result, we succeeded in saving tax much lower than expected, which could improve future cash flow.

Business matching

We have over 1,000 advisory contract and wide variety of consulting cases.
Our clients sometimes request for the introduction of business partners. At such a time, we support to match our clients each other.
We hold a business matching convention annually which attracting clients.

In our annual convention, we prepare the space for the clients who want to promote their business. It can be helpful for finding matching more effectively.

Moreover, our consultants have a pre-meeting each other in advance whether their clients will exhibit or not.

There are countless matching cases between restaurants, restaurants and real estate agents, salon and nursing business, electric and construction business.

In the last convention, we incorporated specific industry seminar. We are continuing process of try and error for clients.

Exit strategy

Even a owner who had a detailed plan before starting their business doesn't have a clear idea of exit strategy.
Exit strategy is essential for every business owner. It better to consider such a strategy as sooner as you can.

Immediate action of exit strategy brought the successful launch of new business.

IT classroom owner

Amid difficult situation, they had been restructuring and scaling down their business for years. However they felt insecurity about future.

Our consultants analyzed cash flow statement and found that it was difficult to pay off a loan.

So, we checked the detailed owners' private assets and securities.

And we had an interview with owner for the confirmation of detailed requirement.

Finally, we found the successful exit strategy and proposed to open new business.

Actually, they proceeded the strategy with caution and held some cash after M&A of their store.
Without any trouble to the relatives, the owner was successful in starting new business.

Dispatching CFO & CEO from Bricks & UK cleared the lack of successor in family

Print industry

After a long-term strong leadership by founder of the company, they struggled in a lack of successor and poor performance.

At first, we conducted Due Diligence for the analysis of financial condition and risks.

We concluded that current situation looked to go into bankruptcy in a few years and they needed massive changes.

In addition, we interviewed for detailed owners' request.

Our final proposal was to send our consultant as board member and let them proceed drastic reform from the inside.

The reform included annual financial planning, head count planning, BPR, succession planning, SCM system implementation and so on, finally they reached smooth business succession.